Dr. Saeed Chehreh Chelgani

Surface Science Western

Recent PhD graduate Western University

I have a solid background in mineral processing with over 9 years’ experience (Mineral processing engineer, PhD from Western University). I have applied my mineral processing knowledge in the study of mineral surface chemistry on selective separation by flotation. As a metallurgist, I am working on a contract project with Niobec flotation plant.In collaboration with Niobec since 2010 till present, I have recently conducted a study of the relationship between pyrochlore (source of Nb) composition and surface chemistry effects on collector adsorption under flotation conditions to optimize the flotation process. I have also investigated the floatability of rare earth minerals by various reagents in collaboration with Avalon in the pilot plant (SGS, Thor Lake) and laboratory scale. From 2005 to 2007, as a mineral processor I was involved in coal processing projects in collaboration with the Center for Applied Energy Research, University of Kentucky (USA). As a product engineer (2007-2008), I successfully designed a model for predication of Al2O3 leaching recovery in Bayer process of the plant at Jajarm Alumina plant, Iran. Also, as a project leader (2008-2009), I led a team to optimize the recovery of Yttrium, Lanthanum, Cerium and Neodymium by leaching (SX method) from apatite concentrate, at Chadormalu, Iran. Through these and various other team projects, I have developed solid communication and leadership skills. Study the surface chemistry of minerals throughout grinding, flotation, and other ore dressing methods in order to optimize a process are my main interests.