Mr. Kyle Douglas

Surface Science Western

Current graduate student

I began my career with a B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Victoria in 2008. From there, I worked at Teck Trail Operations in the Assaying office, eventually moving to the position of Research Technologist in 2009 where I discovered my interest in mineral processing and applied mineralogy. A highlight of this role was the opportunity to perform metallurgical analysis using MLA and XRD techniques. I began the M.Sc in Geology program at Western University in January 2014.

My research interests are in surface characterization during mineral processing with a focus on grinding reactions. This includes the formation of depressant species, particularly oxidation species, on mineral surfaces and their effects on flotation. Work in this interest involves examining reaction conditions and sample composition to understand preferential oxidation of various minerals with a focus on sphalerite and chalcopyrite with the aim to determine possible reaction mechanisms.